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Laughlin Nevada Entertainment

On your next trip to Las Vegas, be sure to make a quick side trip to Laughlin and enjoy some unique Laughlin, Nevada Entertainment. While you're here, be sure to check out some of Laughlin's most popular tourist attractions, receiving over 4 million visitors annually. Visit the Colorado River Museum, Grapevine Canyon, Katherine Landing, London Bridge, and the English Village.

Laughlin Tours

A great way to see Laughlin, Nevada is by touring the many sights to see. Laughlin tours cover a variety of options and means of transportation that will make your trip exciting. You can cruise the Laughlin strip on your very own scooter with Laughlin Scooter Rentals, seeing what you want, when you want. Another self-paced tour option is the Oatman Adventure Sandrail/4x4 Tour, which will supply you with plenty of adventure. Or, if you prefer a standard tour with a tour guide included, check out the Secret Pass Sandrail/4x4 Tour where you will journey back in time to a place where Native Americans lived, hunted, and hid to avoid being captured. Whatever your fancy, Laughlin Tours has a tour for you.

Laughlin Adventure Tours

Laughlin adventure tours offer a little adventure for an otherwise ordinary vacation to Nevada. Spice things up by traveling on ATVs or 4x4s to breathtaking locations like the Secret Pass where you will enjoy the majestic beauty along with 240-foot canyon walls - once frequented by Native Americans. Also visit the Wild West town of Oatman on our Shuttle to Oatman Tour, and witness exciting shout-outs and wild burros that will give you a taste of life in the Old West.

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